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Kobo Writing Life Podcast

The Kobo Writing Life Podcast brings you insights and inspiration for growing your self-publishing business. We feature interviews with bestselling authors and industry experts, who share practical advice you can use to improve your writing and sell more books. Hosted by KWL's very own Chrissy Munroe and Stephanie McGrath, you'll also get the latest news and updates about Kobo and the KWL platform. Self-publish today at

Jan 21, 2020

Vanessa Vale, USA today best-selling author of sexy romance novels, discusses publishing in a niche genre and how she strives for brand recognition through her author name rather than a singular book. Vanessa talks about her strategy for going wide, why she releases a book every 6 weeks and the process of...

Jan 14, 2020

Sara Rosett, USA Today bestselling author, gives her tips for plotting mystery novels and advises authors on which aspects of a mystery they should spend the most time on. Sara discusses the psychology of why readers choose cozy mysteries as well as the difficulties of marketing a long-standing series.


Jan 7, 2020

Learn more about Fiction Vortex and StoryShop University with co-founder David Mark Brown. David talks to us about the idea behind Fiction Vortex and StoryVerses™ which allows authors to collaborate and make narrative content in shared worlds. David also discusses Pirate Publishing and the origins behind the...

Dec 31, 2019

Crime fiction writer Robert Craven chats to us about how he writes strong female characters, his formula for writing and pitching a book and he provides insight into conferences available in the Ireland and the UK. He also discusses the common mistakes he sees in crime fiction novels.

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Dec 24, 2019

Multi-media artist and author Victoria L. Szulc chats to us about using steampunk as a creative theme, how she is able to create her own book trailers and covers with only her iPhone and we learn more about her research process. Calling all holiday romance lovers! All audiobooks in this sale are $6.99 or less. Go to