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KWL EP 006 - Chele Cooke

Diego Marano, UK Manager for Kobo Writing Life interviews Chele Cooke, author of Dead & Buryd. Diego is joined by KWL Director Mark Lefebvre.

The trio discuss the following:

  • Chele’s start of writing when she moved, at the age of 14, to San Francisco, where she began writing fan fiction in the Harry Potter universe
  • How Chele’s degree in creative writing opened her up to different types and styles of fiction
  • The effect of being short-listed for the Wicked Young Writers Award (http://www.wickedyoungwriters.com/)
  • Some mistakes made early in a writing career and how that helps a writer to learn
  • Chele’s previous challenge of piles of unfinished manuscripts and HOW she overcame that during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – November) by investing some time in outlining rather than just sitting down and writing without planning
  • OUTLINING was the key to Chele’s success in completing a novel
  • Chele’s plans to write the sequel to Dead & Buryd during NaNoWriMo this year (and the fact that Kobo Writing Life is a proud sponsor of NaNaWriMo 2013)
  • How being new in self-publishing is like being the new kid in school
  • The full story of how Chele & Mark met at London Book Fair, with zombies in the park, spontaneous hugs with strangers and Kobo Writing Life swag
  • One of Chele’s favourite characters in Dead & Buryd and how she looked forward to writing scenes involving this character
  • Embracing the challenge of killing off main characters and killing off the words in one’s first draft
  • How Chele wrote 21,000 words in three days (again, thanks to the aforementioned outline)
  • Chele’s book launch on October 5th at Big Green Book Shop (show up for a chance to win a Kobo eReader courtesy of Kobo Writing Life)

After the interview Mark talks about the importance of personal relationships and networking for a writer’s success. He calls out attending workshops, conferences and other in person events in order to make important connections. You never know when that connection you made might lead to a beautiful thing. Mark also talks about why looking for what you can do to help other writers is a great long term strategy for success.


Chele Cooke’s website

Chele Cooke on Twitter      

Chele's Pinterest page for Dead & Buryd

Chele's Facebook Page

Dead & Buryd on Kobo


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KWL EP 005 - Douglas Smith

Kobo Writing Life Director Mark Lefebvre interviews Douglas Smith, an award-winning Canadian author of fantasy, SF, horror and supernatural fiction with over 100 short story sales in 30 countries and two dozen languages.

Doug and Mark discuss the following:

•    Doug’s start to writing in 1995 stemming from a “mid-life” crisis
•    How Doug’s new novel The Wolf at the End of the World ties back to the very first short story he wrote in 1995, Spirit Dance
•    Doug’s prestigious career as a short-fiction writer (how he turned the sale of 40 short stories sold into re-selling them to 170 markets globally), the importance of taking advantage of reprint rights
•    Doug’s outstanding foreign language rights sales of short fiction:  25 languages in 30 countries
•    Ralon.com – online free short fiction market listings
•    Doug’s strategy for hiring a cover artist, an ePub formatting conversion company to create a consistent professional look and feel to generate a catalog of eBook versions of his short story fiction collection.  (And how he made his investment back within a year selling short stories in eBook version for 99 cents – where he keeps 35 cents on Amazon and 45 cents on Kobo per unit sold)
•    The adaptation of one of Doug’s short stories “By Her Hand She Draws You Down” into a short film of the same name.
•    Doug’s penchant for writing fiction that references Bruce Springsteen’s music
•    How Doug discovered he had written a vampire story only after reading customer reviews

Mark also talks about discovering ingenious use of social media by authors and cites author Chele Cooke’s intriguing use of Pinterest for her forthcoming novel Dead & Buryd as an example.  Here’s a link to Chele’s website  and her forthcoming book on Kobo.


Daniele Serra – Italian Artist

Doug's website: www.smithwriter.com
Twitter:  @smithwritr
Doug’s article on Selling Foreign Language Rights
Doug’s Foreign Market List
Doug’s Amazing Stories Blog Series

Short fiction recommendations to check out Doug’s writing:

If you like Horror check out By Her Hand She Draws You Down
If you like Urban Fantasy check out Spirit Dance
If you like post-apocalyptic science-fiction check out Memories of the Dead Man
If you like revenge/science-fiction/time-travel stories check out State of Disorder

If you like martial arts/Japanese fantasy check out The Red Bird

If you like modern thriller/fantasy, check out The Wolf at the End of the World

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