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Reedsy's ambition extends beyond just being a place where authors can connect with publishing professionals; it's a place for collaborative tools and with an ultimate goal of assisting the publication process right from the first written word of an author's manuscript right through the typesetting, publishing and marketing of the final book.

Mark Lefebvre, Kobo Writing Life Director, interviews Matthew Cobb, co-founder and lead designer of Reedsy regarding the platform and the amazing online Book Editor tool.

In the interview Mark and Matthew discuss:

  • What Reedsy is (a marketplace for authors and editors, designers, etc to meet and collaborate as well as an online tool that allows authors to both collaborate in the creation process, but also produce production ready ePub and print on demand files)
  • How the filters allow an author to find the right professional to provide the right editorial services to them, and the quote request process where you can request a free quote from up to 5 different matching professionals
  • The curatorial process by which editors and other professionals apply to be within this ecosystem and are vetted and approved by the team at Reedsy
  • How Reedsy doesn’t only handle the introduction to the publishing professional but also the transaction (ie, payment to the editor), but also the file transfer, as well as customer support and assistance
  • Details about the online book editor and how it was born out of the frustration inherent when one of the founders wanted to publish a book
  • The issues inherent with trying to use WORD to typeset and prepare a book for print-readiness along with how an author can simply copy and paste their WORD file document into the editor and it’ll preserve all the formatting, including headings, alignment, etc
  • The ability for editors and authors to work together collaboratively online using the Reedsy Book Editor
  • The use of templates that authors select, when they’re ready to export their print ready or ePub format file
  • Whether or not this free editor is good for other formats such as children’s books, cookbooks, or other fixed layout types of book formats
  • A bit about the four co-founders of Reedsy and the internal Reedsy family of employees
  • Matthew’s favourite advice for a beginning writer to get on the right track for success

Mark then talks about the importance of finding the right person for the right job (ie, an author looking for just the right editor) and relates that to both the story of Goldilocks (how she kept trying things until she found the one that was just right), as well as the concept of asking a more detailed question in order to get the most optimum answer for you.


Links of Interest:


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In Episode 64 of the Kobo Writing Life Podcast, KWL Director Mark Lefebvre interviews Robyn Baldwin, author of Love Lost, Life Found: 8 Practical Steps to Heal a Broken Heart.

In the interview, Mark and Robyn discuss:

  • Robyn’s past work as a Senior Integrated Marketing Manager
  • How the book itself has been three years in the making – first and foremost as a journaling experience; and then, later, in response to others, who, in reading her journal, thanked her for sharing it as it helped them
  • The specific identification of the target audience for this book: someone who has called off a wedding, gone through a divorce or left a toxic relationship
  • The additional target for this book might be younger women for whom this book might help them to identify what a difficult relationship looks like so they never have to put themselves in that situation
  • How the book might also be targeted at a “13 year old Robyn” as something that she wished she could have had
  • The underlying message of the book that there is a life to be found after all the “broken bits”
  • The role of social media in both her demise as well as in her healing: Such as the “false picture” that she was actively portraying even while in the midst of the dark depths of the toxic relationship and then how
  • The role of Pinterest in the time leading up to the wedding, and then, later, the more important role of how she used Pinterest to find motivational quotes
  • The significance of the release date for this book, August 25th, and how a comment from her mother led her to wanting to change, or take control of that date as a positive thing
  • Robyn’s identification as an Alpha Female and the inspiring Alpha Female Podcast that she hosts
  • Her definition of an Alpha Female: An Alpha Female is a powerful and assertive woman. Her confidence is due to being an intelligent and intellectual problem-solver. Being an Alpha Female is a State of Mind based on choosing ambition and being proud of it. She strives for a happy and healthy work/life harmony
  • How Robyn’s background in marketing helped her with the aspect of planning out the book and the book launch path
  • The timeline, schedule and check-lists that Robyn managed within Asana for the both the self-publishing steps as well as the marketing efforts leading up to the launch of the book
  • Robyn’s advice for other first-time authors for where and how they should consider starting
  • How a lot of the promotional efforts Robyn is participating in aren’t about promoting the book, but about sharing valuable pieces from the book with various online sources: such as the “calling off a wedding check-list”
  • An interesting revelation of how, when Robyn reached out to literary agents regarding the book, she was told her platform reach (which was in the realm of 20,000 people), wasn’t large enough and that she should consider self-publishing it
  • The authentic and organic way that the book itself was woven into Robyn’s personal and social media presence
  • Robyn’s use of Gary Vaynerchuk’s concept of “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” - from his book of the same name


Other links of interest:

Robyn’s Website - http://robynbaldwin.com

The Book: Love Lost, Life Found

Robyn on Facebook

Robyn on Pinterest

Robyn on Twitter

Robyn's Instagram - http://instagram.com/RobynBaldwin

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Episode 63 features NYT bestselling author Melody Anne, who began publishing in 2011 and has published forty (!) books and sold over 7 million copies since then. What strategies helped her get to where she is today, and what’s working best for her now? How has becoming a bestselling hybrid author changed her life? Tune in and get inspired by Melody Anne’s incredible journey, which she shares with US Manager Christine Munroe. At the end of the episode, Christine shares some reminders for planning your new releases as we head into fall.

  • Melody Anne never grew up dreaming of being an author, because she couldn’t have imagined the tools that exist today and empower authors to self-publish
  • She’s self-published 40 books in 5 years
  • Her first conference was RWA in Anaheim, when self-publishing was spoken about more negatively. She stayed quiet but met Ruth Cardello, who became her mentor and inspired her to make her first book free
  • Melody was horrified by this strategy – it took her a year to write the first book. But her sales exploded, with 40,000 downloads in the first day, followed by a huge spike in her paid books
  • Another important moment was when a NYT bestselling author sitting next to her at a signing told her that she had done a great job and had a successful signing – that validation meant a lot to her
  • Market changes from 2012 to now, from her perspective: more volume, more books priced at free, more niche genres. Marketing strategies have completely shifted to adapt to these developments
  • Another huge moment was when she hit #3 on the NYT Bestseller list. She still finds it hard to believe that so many people want to buy her books when there are so many others to choose from nowadays
  • “My day to day life is horrifyingly boring.” Half the time she’s in her pajamas at her computer for 12 hours a day, and forgets to brush her hair
  • Her release schedule these days: self-publishing, and publishing with Montlake and Pocket. She has a release every month for the remainder of 2016
  • How she gets it all done: she currently has 6 people working with her, 3 of whom are full-time
  • She works hard to engage with fans on Facebook, Goodreads, over email, but from her perspective the best way to connect with fans is face-to-face at conferences and readings. But when authors are out meeting fans, they need to remember that first impressions are crucially important. You can’t take back a bad first impression
  • The importance of writers getting out into the real world, away from their computers at home. “When you sit at home too long, you kind of forget… When I’m out, I watch how people talk and interact, and all of those things go in my books.”




@melodyanneauthor Facebook

@authmelodyanne  twitter

@melodyanneromance  Instagram


NYT and USA Today bestselling author Melody Anne wrote for years, then published in 2011, finding her true calling, and a love of writing nonstop. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in business, she loves to write about strong, powerful, businessmen and the corporate world. When Melody isn’t writing, she cultivates strong bonds with her family and enjoys time spent with them as well as her friends, and beloved pets. A country girl at heart, she loves the small town and strong community she lives in and is involved in many community projects. To date, Melody has over 7 million book sales and has earned a spot on multiple best seller lists, including being an Amazon top 100 bestselling author for 3 years in a row, as well as a Kobo and iBooks best seller. But beyond that, she just loves getting to do what makes her happiest – live in a fantasy world, 95% of the time.

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